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and   Refund Policy

Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve been following me (Aylex) for a while now, you probably know that I’m a results driven person and committed to the things that I do. That’s why I believe that anyone who can put their faith into this program and commit to their training will 100% have a significant improvement in 3 months.

Why 3 months?... Experience. The exact same reason you don’t start to have a shredded body after a day of training.

That’s why if you enroll as a member in our course, and have followed our curriculum for 3 months and don’t see any noticeable improvement, we will give you a full refund.

But of course there are conditions:
1. You submit videos per instructions weekly and follow the custom training plan that has been given to you
2. You participate in the discord community often and actively ask questions (remember, this is for your improvement!)
3. You attend live training sessions as much as possible
4. You’ve sought help from the coaches and community before giving up
5. You believed that YOU CAN and YOU WILL improve

If you’ve met all of these conditions in 3 months of being our member, we are happy to give you a full refund. Just send in an e-mail to stating your name, contact, and original payment method, and that you have met all of these conditions, and we will provide you with a refund within 30 days.

*Note: a request for a refund must be given within 7 days of completing 3 months of the program as a member.

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