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About Aylex Thunder

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Aylex Thunder is a multi talented entertainer, athlete, and creative entrepreneur whose mission is to provide accessible education to the world in the most entertaining ways possible.

Famous for his viral content in the music, comedy, fashion, badminton, and luxury lifestyle niches, Aylex has accumulated a following of over 4.5 million across social platforms and has worked with brands such as: T. Lamborghini, The Dalmore, Royal Conservatory of Music, and more.

Aylex is driven by a fierce passion for learning and self improvement. He mastered piano by the age of 10, was the provincial Badminton champion at age 18, was touring China as an Opera singer and MC at the age of 22, and has founded entrepreneurial ventures in Fashion, Luxury Real Estate, Web3, Education, and New Media.

Aylex’s content is clever, informative, daring, and always entertaining. When he’s not working on one of his companies or creating content, Aylex enjoys cuddling dogs, driving motorcycles, training martial arts, listening to music, and learning new skills.

In all aspects of his life, Aylex stays true to his passions for learning and educating. He dedicates 2 hours a day to learning new skills, and donates 100% of the profits from his Web3 company to charities focused on providing accessible education. No matter what the undertaking is, Aylex Thunder repeatedly finds success on the back of his persistent drive and insane work ethic.

His Social Media following says it all.

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